Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monsoon Season

The Great Deluge is upon us tonight. Just an hour ago, it was nice and bright, if a little cloudy, so no stars, but we could see the far off lightning for our 4th of July fireworks and hear the party at a neighbor's house. Just now, we got caught outside in sheets of rain and wind that blew the lawn furniture over and threatened to take us with it. Yes, it's Eastern North Carolina summer again.

Tornado watches come once a week and thunderstorms are nothing to blink at. We're familiar with this type of weather, through September at least. Sometimes, like with Hurricane Floyd, Mother Nature comes through with a howling vengeance outweighting our blase expectations, but mostly, it's just a little rain and wind, and if it doesn't knock the crops down, we call it a summer rain, no matter how fierce it might sound at midnight on the tin roof.

There's something cathartic about being caught in a downpour, something soul cleansing, like the way a river baptism might make you feel, washing your sinning, worrying heart free with the knowledge that you have nothing to do with anything, that there's nothing your wishing and reasoning can do to control the world... all you must do is remain upright in the storm and know that tomorrow, the flowers will look that much prettier because of it.


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