Saturday, May 24, 2008

our latest excursion

I am fascinated by the number of places there are in this area that I have never visited. I've either driven past them numerous times, or maybe didn't even know they were there...and when I finally do go visit, I'm pleasantly surprised by all there is to see. If you like old stuff or weird stuff or historical stuff, then you would have plenty to see here in Bertie County and the surrounding area.

One such place that I have visited recently was Grace Episcopal Church in Lewiston, NC. As it is about 6 miles from my home, I have driven past it thousands of times in my lifetime, yet I have never stopped to look around. We remedied that this past week.

Grace Episcopal Church, Lewiston, NC

I have a thing for old churches and/or graveyards, and this place had both. I didn't realize quite how old it was, but there are gravestones from the early to mid-1800s here. Much of the carving work on the stones is pretty and also unusual for what I have seen in the past.

Noah and I had a great time. He got to run around and roll in the magnolia leaves, and I got to take lots of pictures. We only managed to hit one side of the yard before we had to go back home. But we will definitely be back to do more exploring.

We also got a nice surprise on our way out of the yard.

"I'm scaring you with my beady snake eye, yes? Please say yes. I'm so terrified. If I had snake pants, I would have wet them already." Poor little snake.

I like snakes alright, and I was very tempted to pick this one up, but I don't know that much about them, and wasn't 100% sure that this one was not dangerous. I found out later that it eats rats, which endears it to me (i. hate. rats.) but also makes it bad pet material (I don't want rats in my house on purpose, whether dead or alive.)

Oh well. One of these days, I will find a suitable alternative to that hamster that Noah keeps asking me about.

If you'd like to see all the pics from this outing, go here. If you'd like a personal tour, just let me know! We do love visitors!