Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sans Souci ferry sign at the river

Sans Souci ferry sign at the river
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After that first sign, we traveled on down the road , eventually coming to what looked like a private dirt lane. We were about to tunr around when we saw a green DOT sign that said "Welcome to Sans Souci!" Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of that sign. We continued on the dirt road, noting that we were indeed right next to the river- so close, in fact, that it was lapping gently at the side of the dirt road, which was already in possession of many deep puddles. And it had been raining all day. And was still raining. And the road was far too narrow too attempt a 2 point turn (especially with the river just a foot away.) We were getting a little nervous when suddenly, there was a clearing in the road and here we were, at the ferry sign. No sign of the ferry, though, so we honked, just like the sign said.


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